Workshop Program

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Friday, April 19

Welcome and Opening Talks
Chair: Önder TÜRK
9:40-10:25Hakan I. TARMAN, An Exploration of Numerical Approaches to Boltzmann Equation Regarding Hydrodynamics.
10:25-10:45Merve GÜRBÜZ, RBF Solution of MHD Convection Flow in a Lid-driven Cavity with an Obstacle.
10:45-11:05Gülnihal MERALOn the DRBEM-FDM Solution of a Cancer Invasion Model.
11:05-11:30Coffee Break
Chair: Gülnihal MERAL
11:30-11:50Sevin GÜMGÜM, Legendre Wavelet Solution of High Order Nonlinear Ordinary Delay Differential Equations.
11:50-12:10Nagehan ALSOY AKGÜN, DRBEM Solution of Nanofluids under DDMC in a Lid Driven Cavity.
12:10-12:30Selçuk Han AYDIN, Accuracy of the Different Element Types for the BEM Solutions of the 2-D Boundary Value Problems.
12:30-14:00Lunch Break
Chair: Canan BOZKAYA
14:00-14:45Gamze YÜKSEL, The finite element solutions of the Simplified MagnetoHydroDynamics Equations with time step methods and the effects of differential time filter on the solutions.
14:45-15:30Bülent KARASÖZEN, Structure Preserving Model Order Reduction.
16:00-17:30Coctail in Gündüz İkeda Seminar Room.
19:00-Conference Dinner.

Saturday, April 20

Chair: Önder TÜRK
9:30-10:15Nevzat Güneri GENÇER, Medical Electro-Thermal Imaging.
10:15-10:35Ali DELİCEOĞLU, Internal Flow Bifurcation in a T-shaped Cavity.
10:35-10:55Pelin ŞENEL, DRBEM Solution to MHD Flow Between Cylindrical Pipes with Slipping Walls.
10:55-11:25Coffee Break
Chair: Nevzat Güneri GENÇER
11:25-12:10Kemal LEBLEBİCİOĞLU, Unmanned Air, Sea and Underwater Vehicles.
12:10-12:30Cemre AYDIN, DRBEM Solution of the Cauchy MHD Duct Flow with a Slipping Perturbed Boundary.
12:30-12:40Workshop Closing